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So today we are going to talk fast about the XPRO Panel. There are many new tools on the internet that claim that they can hack free fire but most of them are fake and just attract the viewers with fake claims and make them download their app so they can get paid. If you are a free-fire player and you are facing difficulties while playing the game and want a tool that can help you to be one of the best players or to achieve the highest ranking in the game then we have a genuine tool that you can use.

The XPRO Panel is a new and genuine free-fire hacking tool that 100 percent successfully cracks the game. This tool has many new and better features and every type of hack is given with a choice to enable or disable, So the user can choose its combination. This new tool will no doubt make you an extraordinary player. Mods and injectors are very good in-game for new players in the FF game, for example, FFH4X Mod Menu and Xit FF Panel are very good tools to get premium stuff for free.

What is an XPRO Panel?

The XPRO Panel is a tool that is formed to give some overpowered and extra features for the player who is weak in gaming or they are new to free fire and have a lot to learn. The XPRO FF Panel saves you a lot of precious time which you have to spend on practice otherwise. A new user of this panel can play far better than a player who has played free-fire since it was launched and this shows the potential of this panel.

This panel can also save you the money that you spend on free fire because when you use it you get everything for free and there will be no item in the game to on. This panel is functional on Androids and it is very lightweight. The user experience is very good and it’s easy to use.

Features Of Xpro Panel:

Movement hack:

Movement hack is used to increase a player’s speed and it increases the speed to a very great extent where no player can aim on you.

Teleportation hack:

This feature has multiple uses. It can be used to travel fast across the map or to surprise an enemy with a sudden attack and also to move away from dangerous ground.


This feature is truly extraordinary because it makes a player fly in the game a excess new places from where you can easily target your enemies.

Magic bullet:

This is one of the most helpful features on this panel. Using this feature gives your bullets the ability to never miss your target and always give damage even if they are in cover.

Auto headshot:

Headshots are every player’s favorite as they give satisfaction. This feature can give you full accurate aim on the head so that whenever you fire your bullets will always hit the enemy’s head.

Free items:

As I have mentioned the XPRO Panel gives you all the premium items like bundles and gun skin for free because all players can’t afford that much money. so the panel made it free for every user.

How to Download and Install Xpro Panel:

  • First, you have to open your browser and then search for the app. If you want to get the Panel from this website, There will be a download button at the top of this page that you have to click on.
  • You have to click on the download button and wait for 10 seconds.
  • After that, this panel will be downloaded on your mobile browser.
  • You have to open the browser and by clicking on the downloaded app, the install option will appear. You have to click on it to download the panel.
  • Finally, the panel will be seen downloading on your mobile screen.


In short, the XPRO Panel is the best free fire tool out there which provides such powerful and money features for absolutely free. The tool has many uses in combat mode and out of the game like outfits and gun skins etc. This panel has been tested and proven to give users a very clear advantage in battles.

There is also a drawback that I would like to mention this panel is not fully anti-ban because it’s a third-party app and third-party apps always have a chance to get banned but you can use this panel with a second I’d which will cause no harm to your original progress. If you like this XPRO Panel then download the app from our website.

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