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v 1.4.4
AAAD APK has both free and paid options, which means you can go at your convenience.
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6 July 2024
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v 1.4.4
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AAAD APK is abbreviated Android Auto App Downloader. Helps the users around the world to get the Android app in automation. There could be many ways to get them but we are going to bring up the safest and straightforward ones for our users, even without rooting your device and allowing the Android auto option.

AAAD APK has both free and paid options, which means you can go at your convenience. The only thing to worry about is free versions have little and limited access, users can download one app per month which makes it a bit boring. On the other hand in the paid versions, the number of apps that can be downloaded is limitless with zero cost.

If you are on a long drive and want to have fun with YouTube videos and top-rated songs it can happen with AAAD without taking a single cent or pound away from you. Get all the Android applications free and make the connection with Android Auto. Has one of the simplest UIX. Go through all the movies and shows and other entertainment stuff even while driving the vehicle, and turn the car into a tabloid.

Important and key features of AAAD APK:

Like many other downloading applications, this one also has some important and alluring features. We will take you through some of them.

Simple UIX:

Most of the users struggle with the users interface and the way they have to use and navigate it. But in this application, it has been made easy and simple. It is so simple and professional Users can just sign in and have access to any of the apps they want on their Android devices. Most of the stuff can be accessed just on the home page. Find the app and its version and have it right away.

Zero Adverts:

One of the bizarre and annoying things about downloading and other applications is the one-sided and boring ads. AAAD is one hundred percent free from all types and kinds of advertisements. Zero or no ads at all. All the premium services like Car Stream, AA Mirror, and Fermata Auto are free from ads. No interruptions or disturbances in the middle of the entertainment.

Diversity in Versions:

Car stream, Fermata Auto, AA Mirror, or any of the service applications the users have from this app are provided with more than one version. Get the version that suits you and is compatible with the device you are using. Have it and enjoy all the latest features on the application and bring the best out of it. 

Private and Secure:

Most of the applications we get from third parties and unknown sources pose some threat. Chances of a security breach are always there. Your data or privacy may be at risk. But on AAAD no worries and issues at all. This app has garnered millions of users around the world, it’s reliable safe, secure, and trustworthy. Users are joining in scores on a daily basis. More private with a hundred percent safety and security.

User Guide:

If any of the users are not familiar with the usage of the application. Just have to hold on to the app for some time, there appears a pop-up with all the required information. How the application functions and how can it be utilized fully. Get the app for all the desires you have for fun, entertainment, and joy.

Additional Features of AAAD APK:

  • Car stream:  As users get into the AAAD the first thing you encounter is Car Stream which brings up all the Youtube videos and movies into your car. All your favorite content can be watched there even while having the race of Drive on. Connect it to the car and open it on Android Auto, just click on the icon and listen to any of the tracks and songs. This makes your car like a smart cell phone.
  • Fermato Auto: The other most important and multipurpose application on AAAD is Fermato Auto as previously explained brings the movies and shows in your Android to your car head unit. Watch videos from YouTube and access other stuff on the internet. Fermato Auto has a simple and easy user interface.
  • AA Mirror: AA Mirror on the application helps to mirror the Android phone screen to the display in the car. If you want it to work like a smartphone AA mirror helps you a lot in this regard. Watch any of the videos or shows in your car’s head unit.

Merits and Demerits of AAAD Apk:


  • Simple user interface very easy to use and also has stability
  • A huge collection of apps Is available to download on the AAAD App
  • Hold up the application for some time and get all the required knowledge and information about it
  • Get  any of the apps you need free of cost no charges at all
  • Has the paid version but can be used for free till 30 days


  • One of the key issues most of the users face on the platform is, it has no customer care and support. If we are faced with an error or issue it becomes so problematic.
  • The free version is so annoying and boring, allows you to download one per thirty days
  • Some of the apps you get from the app may not work in the Android Auto
  • Anybody can get the premium version by paying more than 4 euros
  • Not everybody can afford this application

How to Download AAAD APK:

  • Get the Android Auto app from the Google Play store
  • Once the app is downloaded open it up tap the menu icon and go into the settings
  • Enable the developer option
  • Click the three dots at the top corner and give check out to the unknown sources
  • Enable the application mode and tap off the developer
  • You will have the app on your device

How to Install AAAD APK:

  • Tap off the download link at the top of this page and install it later once the file is on your device
  • Open the app on your device and get all the third-party apps you want to download
  • For the app to perform normally allow all the required permissions
  • Get the classic and fun experience you never had ever before no errors and issues at al


Android Auto Apps Downloader AAAD APK is the app launcher for Android devices. Helps and makes it easy to get all the unofficial apps under a single roof. Makes your Android auto more capable and functional. Helps your Android Auto to get third-party apps and watch all your favorite movies and shows even while driving in the head unit of your car.

Simple and easy to navigate, makes it useable and convenient for most of the users around the world. Hit off the link given at the top of this page and have the platform. All your privacy, safety, and security, are a hundred percent guaranteed. Take the paid or free version that suits the most.

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